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Shenzhen Rundongyang Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main categories: Stand Up Pouch,Zipper Bags,Mailing Bag,Side Gusset Bags,Spout Pouch
  • Shenzhen Rundongyang is a leading supplier of green environmental packaging materials and customized OEM/ODM packaging solutions. With over 13 years of experience, we specialize in integrating research and development, production, sales, and service to deliver tailored product solutions. Our company upholds a service philosophy focused on quality, reputation-driven development, integrity, and customer satisfaction, enabling us to thrive and grow.
    We utilize fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly raw materials like PLA, EPI, D2W, PE, PP, CPE, PVC, and EVA.Our commitment to integrity and product quality has earned us recognition and trust from both domestic and overseas customers.
    Our extensive product range includes stand-up bags, zipper bags, nozzle bags, mailing bags, handbags, and other customized bags. These products find applications in various industries such as food packaging, daily necessities, accessories, electronics, and clothing.